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How It Works

We’ve Streamlined Online Lead Generation!

Before Nerdly

Most clients come to us after getting weak results from a DIY template-based tool. Their landing pages often have badly structured content and poor mobile optimization.

After Nerdly

Among many other contributions, we make sure the right information is shown in the right order, that everything looks great (even on mobile), and that the call-to-actions are clear!

Step 1
Request A Free Demo

Take 3 minutes to fill out our simple form, and we’ll create a live mock-up of what the opening screen of your new lead generation landing page might look like! This is our way of showing you that we are committed to delivering as much upfront value as we can.

Step 2
Review & Consultation

You will review your demo over the phone with one of our lead generation experts. They’ll learn about your business/product and then deliver actionable, personalized advice that will help you make more money and get results whether you decide to hire us or not!

Step 3
Sign-up & Kick-off

Once you are 100% confident that we can help you grow your business, we’ll guide you through the process of signing up for the right services. The costs of labor, consultation, maintenance, and hosting is covered by one low monthly payment starting at $99/month!

Step 4
Content Collection

Any successful lead generation page must have great content that influences leads to take action! We’ll help you identify, collect, & refine the right content for your project. Our team can even be hired to create any video, photography, text, or graphic design content you might need!

Step 5
Landing Page Launch

We can launch your landing page within 2-3 business days of receiving all of the required content! We’ll be watching your website analytics, and if there are any problems we can help you identify the cause and find the right solution!

Step 6
We Help You Grow

Unlike DIY landing page tools, we build websites using the flexible WordPress platform. This means we can add any features you can imagine, so your landing page could eventually grow into a full-featured eCommerce store!


Professional Lead Generation Page

What’s Included

Nerdly Has All The Tech Stuff Covered!


  • Unlimited style revisions during build-out of the landing page
  • Up to 6 beautifully branded sections of content
  • A fully configured WordPress website with SSL and CDN services
  • A premium mobile-responsive theme styled with the latest trends in modern web design
  • A drag-and-drop page editor so that you can make changes yourself without coding.


  • Professional help with collecting, organizing, & refining content
  • Premium high-speed hosting with WP Engine ($35/month value!)
  • Daily database & website backups so your data is always safe
  • Bi-weekly theme and plugin updating with bug-fixes for any incompatibilities
  • Website Uptime Monitoring, so that you have immediate support if your website ever goes down

Cancellation Terms

We have the best cancellation policy you’ll find because we have the highest retention out of all our competitors. We keep our clients happy by delivering results, not by holding websites hostage like similar services do!
[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]You may cancel your monthly website service at any time. Upon cancellation, any outstanding labor completed by Nerdly, which was not yet recovered through your regular monthly payments, becomes due at a rate of $79/hr. In addition, you may pay a $199 migration fee to keep your full website with all functionality intact, and we will migrate it to a WP Engine hosting account that you own.

Since our websites are built on WordPress, nearly any other web developer in the world can take it over if you ever decided to leave our service. Our monthly payments just make sure that we eventually get paid back for all the time and expertise we put into your website during both build-out and ongoing maintenance. We are motivated to build a long-term partnership that’s focused on growing your business![/read]

Premium Add-ons

Our team of digital entrepreneurs can do a lot more than just landing pages! Below are just a few of our most common add-on services. Many clients will try out some of the digital marketing services on their own until they can afford to hire us to handle their marketing for them. You have full control of your website and you will never be locked into only using us for any of these services!

Also keep in mind that we believe in selling with integrity, so we will not recommend a service for your business unless we are confident that you will get a great return-on-investment. In fact, we often advise clients against starting services that they aren’t ready for. We consider this a long term partnership, and we always treat others the way we would want to be treated!

Digital Marketing

“Build It & They Will Come” Never Works, But These Strategies Do!
Retargeting Ads
$69/month + clicks

For most websites, only 2% of new traffic will take any action on the first visit. Retargeting ads follow people on Facebook & other websites after they visit your website so that they remember to come back and convert into customers. These are very profitable ads, so we usually recommend that you add this service once you get at least 100 unique visitors per month. Our labor for creating, managing, and optimizing these ads is $69/month. If you get less than 1,000 unique visitors per month, you can expect to pay less than $100/month in clicks.

Sponsored Content Campaigns
$69/month + clicks

First, we will offer guidance and recommendations for how you can create great articles and/or blog posts related to your business. For $69/month for each article, we’ll build, manage, and optimize a campaign to sponsor your content on high-traffic websites. This means that when potential customers read similar articles on well-known websites, they’ll see a link to your content. You will also pay for each time one of these readers clicks on the ad to go read your content, and we can help you determine the right budget for these clicks.

Advanced PPC Ads
$1500 Upfront
Starts At $549/month + Clicks

If you want a powerful sales channel from Pay-Per-Click Google and/or Facebook ads, we can build that for you! The first step is creating a full Digital Marketing Strategy, which is the $1,500 upfront cost. This is a 20+ page PDF with all the data & insights needed to get inside your customer’s heads and build a profitable ad campaign. After this research, we will build, manage, and optimize PPC ads for your business. Our fee is $549 or 10% of your ad budget, whichever is higher. Larger ad budgets require more time to manage, so that’s the reason for the 10%. This service isn’t cheap, but hiring a cheap ad agency is like hiring a cheap lawyer, compromising on expertise is a compromise on results.

Content Creation

Great Content Uses Psychology-Based Principles To Drive People Into Action!
Brand Identity Guide

A great brand is a powerful mental “bookmark” in your customers heads. Your branding should help anyone instantly recognize you whether they are looking at an ad, website, poster, label, email footer, or billboard. This “bookmark” also represents the values of your business, and it should inspire positive thoughts and actions whenever it’s brought to mind. Our Brand Identity Guides include:

  • Detailed instructions for how to represent your brand on print and the web.
  • Professionally matched brand colors
  • Professionally selected brand typography
  • A custom designed logo, along with every type of logo variation and file type that you will ever need!
Promo Videos
*Custom Quote

Our team has extensive video production experience. In fact, one of the internal businesses we own and manage is the fastest growing wedding cinematography company in Texas. We’ve done everything from basic instructional videos to music videos. The benefit to hiring us for a promotional video or story film is that we can combine our creative expertise with our online business expertise. Instead of just entertaining your audience, we can persuade them to take action and become loyal customers! Promo videos can increase the conversion rate of a landing page by 80%, so reach out today for a custom quote!

Graphic Design

Want to create an amazing brochure, handout, or poster? Have big aspirations for your landing page, such as custom icons or animations? We’ve got you covered! Our hourly rate for graphic design is $79, and we can visually create just about anything you can think up. After a few basic questions we will provide an estimate of the hours required for your project, and then we charge half upfront and the rest upon completion. If you just want images for your landing page, you don’t need this service! Stock imagery and basic photo editing is already included in our standard landing page service.

Website Enhancements

Don’t Just Build Any Website, Let Us Help You Build The Right Website!
Additional Sections
$19 each

We include up to 6 sections of content in our standard landing page service. Why only 6? In our experience, 99% of our clients only need 6 sections or less, but every once in a while we get someone asking for a 40-page website stuffed into one landing page, so we had to draw the line somewhere.

What do we mean by “Section”? A section is usually a topic found on the main header navigation, such as “About”, “Services”, or “Pricing”. The text content of a section is typically between a few lines of text and one page of a word document, since the goal is that most of the content should fit into the screen of a desktop computer. We don’t like to put hard restrictions on projects, but in general if you asked us for a section with 15+ subsections, paragraphs, images, icons, bullet points, etc, then that’s probably going to count as more than one section (and that’s most likely way too much content).

Landing Page Variations
*custom quote

Some clients might want a version of their landing page customized for multiple cities, or they might want to preform advanced A/B testing. We can use all kinds of tools, such as WordPress multisite, to create unique variations of landing pages. In addition, we can offer bundle discounts for clients who want to buy more than one landing page from us. Please reach out today so that we can create a custom quote for your project!

Full-Feature eCommerce
*custom quotes

If you just want to add a simple PayPal button or otherwise link off to a 3rd party eCommerce platform like Amazon, that is covered in our standard landing page service and you don’t need to pay any extra costs. If you want your website to have it’s own shopping cart, product pages, user account page, and a back-end dashboard that can help you streamline everything from shipping to promotions, then you need our full-featured eCommerce service! We are experts at optimizing online sales, so many of our landing page customers choose to hire us to create powerful eCommerce stores. Reach out today for a custom quote!

Delivered Projects

Here are a few businesses who use Nerdly to grow their online presence.

Empower Investments
Providence Classical School
Natural PMS Relief
Spinal Hygiene Movement
Mister Investor
Chainshot Photography
Love Birds Rentals
Nothing Greater
Stanfield Firm

Why Nerdly?

We started Nerdly because we saw that a lot of business owners need fairly priced access to nerdy expertise. Getting leads and sales through the internet is a powerful tool for any business, but these days it requires a lot of specialized and complex skills to get results.

Many business owners choose to learn what they can and find “cheap help” to cover the rest, but that’s only going to end in frustration and wasted money. Think about it, if someone really can help you to make money online, why aren’t they using those skills to make money for themselves? When it comes to online sales, “cheap help” gets worthless results.

Nerdly is a 100% USA team of digital entrepreneurs that builds and manages a portfolio of successful businesses, and we also happen to sell access to our expertise to clients like you! We’ve standardized, optimized, and stream-lined the process of creating effective websites. In addition, we’ve designed our pricing strategy so that we get paid what our time is worth ($79/hour), and you get the expertise you need for as little upfront and ongoing cost as possible (starting at only $99/month)!

Free Demo

Save Time, Protect ROI

Unless you have a Time Turner from Harry Potter or you are secretly The Flash, running a business to any degree leaves you searching for more time. Do not find your self at 9 PM on a Friday trying to build a DIY landing page. How much is your time worth to you?

Calculate Your Spare Time Worth

Communicate With Real People

Every other landing page service is a confusing do-it-yourself software tool. With Nerdly you get the phone number, consideration, and expertise of a real human who will build your landing page for you!

We think it is crucial for our clients to always feel in touch. Your business is your livelihood, and you should not compromise with the service you are provided. This is why we treat your business as our own and help you with the complicated stuff like gathering the right content.

Often our clients will just call us to daydream about their future and ask our feedback on various ideas. One of the most valuable things we can do is advise clients on how to make the right investments with the right timing. We hope to build a real relationship with you, and be the useful nerdlings your team needs!

Lightning Fast Hosting Is Provided!

We use some of the fastest hosting in the world! We use WP Engine located in Austin Tx to manage our own dedicated server. Their cheapest hosting plan is $35/month, but the fastest speed they offer is already included in our $99/month standard landing page service!


Maintenance Is Included!!

Wordpress is a very flexible tool, but updating it can be a pain. If you don’t keep your theme and plugins updated, you’ll become vulnerable to security risks and eventually your website will break. Often when you do update your theme and plugins, there will be incompatibilities and your website will break. The good news is, you won’t need to worry about any of this! We’ll update your site every 2-3 weeks depending on the updates available. What does this mean?

  • Daily Backups
  • Optimized Load Times
  • Security Updates
  • No Headaches!!

Be In Control

We use tools that are widely maintained and well documented so that you and your team can easily add or change information without needing to know how to code. Having the right tools for the job is very powerful, and it’s our job to help you find them!

WordpressWP BakeryEnvira Gallery


Our team is happy to answer any questions you might have, please reach out!